TITUS’ Bold Birth Story

Let the story begin.
An ESL teacher and students;
They unite from all over the planet.
Strolling the streets of Beijing, Seoul, & Tokyo;
Cultural bridges are carefully cemented.
Smiling eyes connect over bowls of steam and chopsticks.
Long-distance friendships ensue.
Back & forth through flight and SMS, we live!
A shared admiration of creation;
The white stag shines on canvas and land.
The idea is awakening.
Intentional research gives the vision legs.
Scripture fleshes out the regenerate stag.
Peaceful warmth flows into this graceful creature.
Royalty clothes the animal with a name.
TITUS boldly steps into the streets and paths of this earth.
A streetwear brand for the courageous and caring is born!
“Boldly go” is the message.
Regenerate your strength!
Regenerate your faith!
Regenerate your city!
Regenerate your planet!
Let the movement begin.

Photo Credit © Viacheslav Nemyrivskyi

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